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Special Thank You To Our Volunteers

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

The Love House Kids Program is involved with kids in crisis and so smooth sailing doesn’t happen. Before you get up in the morning, your day timer could have already changed and the only way you can run with that is when you have people involved that care especially when you also have another job that you need to do.  It takes a lot of time and a truck load of patience. We decided to revamp our web site recently. Needed it and just one of those things where you run out of daylight before you get to it. Carol who is my webmaster has put in so many free hours over what she contracted for and been so patient with me. After all of this time getting to revamping it, I keep coming up with more stuff. A big Thank You to Georgia Di Pirro for introducing us and using her target marketing talent to enhance our site too. Joel McLaughlin from Data Flurry has given us ideas on keyword, signatures article and going to give us free time to blast out our site.

With all of this going on and the kids still doing what they do, Joyce Kirpatrick on our board and my right hand just keeps organizing the events, I get it on the calendar,sell the tickets or sponsorship  and she puts it together. She just takes over at the event and I’m like a little robot. I’m left to do what I need to do and do best and anyone in this arena knows what a blessing that is. Joyce has been involved and invested from day one. She has watched us change directions back and forth, refine things we are doing and come off the wall with something new and Always been there to help and affirm and let me bounce ideas off her. Recently we have been blessed with a new player, Ginger Edwards (aka the cup cake lady) She makes the best cup cakes and brings them to all our events as one thing but she has hands on with mentoring one of the girls and I mean she is all over it. This 16 year old girl hasn’t known this kind of caring and support her whole life and she just looks at me if I have her on an appointment or spending time with her and says “I miss Ginger” I have known this girl awhile and trust is not there for her but it sure is when it comes to her new found relationship. If Ginger is not with this gal, she’s down at the Girl’s Place helping out another one of our young ladies with her medical assistant course. Both of these ladies work at other careers as well and yet they just keep giving.

Hello world!

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

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