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Our Pretty Girls getting Prettier

Mary Beth and TeamMary Beth and one of our young LadiesHappy 4th of July!

As we celebrate the country’s independence, I think of the independence we are trying to instill in our girls at the Girl’s Place but not just independence, healthy

life styles with new coping skills and break the dependency on the social services system.

We can help them separate themselves from what they knew as a family and sever themselves from what they knew as home. Given the right tools, the right people in their

life, they will be able to be responsible caring parents when their time comes. Breaking the cycle of child abuse is critical and we believe this is the way to do it.

Recently Mary Beth who owns MBYork- makeup artist and former model offered to do the girl’s makeup and help them focus on the good stuff. 9 Teenage Girls attended. We served lunch and they were able to interact with Mary Beth and Jenna who did their makeup. These ladies are very busy people but they wanted to do this for our teens. Mary Beth brought Ellie her 7 year old daughter who is already training to do makeup but most importantly she is training her with her own example, to give back, to share and care. Recently Joyce and I attended a play that she participated in. She is a delightful little girl.

We are looking for a couple of mentors for our girls at the Girls Place. It takes time, patience and commitment. Both of our girls that we have right now are in college working on Medical Assistant and wanting to advance to RN. Someone with that background would be most helpful. However the most important is someone that has the time and commitment. We will gladly pay for your finger print card if you don’t have one. The kids that have the mentors are thriving, the ones that do not are struggling.

The annual fund raiser in September is coming at us very fast. We need dinner sponsors and people to sell tickets. The dinner sponsorship costs 300 dollars and we need 9 of them. We currently have 3 signed up. Remember we are a 501 C (3) and can give tax deductible receipts. Tickets are 35.00 per person, includes dinner, fantastic entertainment, silent auction and raffle prizes. We so need help with selling tickets this year. It will be held at Desert Ridge at Dave and Busters. It is a great time and a terrific cause. Remember we don’t take a penny in wages. The money goes to the kids. If we can get the dinner covered with sponsors, the entire ticket price goes to our kids.

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