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Our mission is to help every abused or neglected child age 0- 21  experience their God given right to safety, love and hope. To be available for kids at risk and for kids that are simply in situations where their family is going through a rough time. Providing clothing and food would ease the burden and stress on the kids as well as Mom and Dad. We often help small organizations that house abused or neglected children with special projects or fulfill a specific void that exists which hampers their ability to provide a better quality of care for these little victims. We can’t change where they came from and have no control on where they might be placed, but we are ready to participate in doing what we can to give them a memory of safety and love to hang on to.


Another group that we sponsor is committed to the homeless kids. We collect blankets, toys, and clothes all year round for them so they can hit the streets and deliver to the homeless areas and the communities where the poorest of poor kids live.

We currently are launching a pilot project for girls 18 from group homes/foster care and similar circumstances that want to finish high school and have no where to stay except to go back to where they came from. We provide a safe house with a program exclusive to their needs to enable them to live an independent
healthy, spiritual life and hopefully break the chain of child neglect and abuse and government assistance.